C is the initial for color. Color is the primary element of product appearance. As the most powerful part of intuitive feeling, color application can present different appearance effects. The ever-changing colors provide a continuous source of creativity for products. The realization of color is determined by material and finishing.


M material. M is the initial of material. Material is the carrier of product realization. Material directly affect the finishing, color and performance of products. The application of new materials and new applications of materials provide a broader space for CMF design. The choice of materials determines the applicable finishing and color.


F is the initial of finishing process, which is a means of product forming and appearance effect realization. Finishing includes two categories: forming finishing and surface treatment finishing. Forming finishing is the basis of product construction and forming; surface treatment finishing carries the effect feeling of product appearance. Finishing selection determines the applicable materials and colors.


P is the initial of pattern and texture, which is called pattern for short. Pattern is the sublimation of product appearance. Pattern in CMF design mainly includes two application directions: decorative pattern texture and functional pattern texture. Pattern design includes not only two-dimensional plane graphics, but also three-dimensional texture design. It is the development of multi-dimensional design and the promotion of deep experience. In CMF design, pattern design is the most intuitive design language. The realization of pattern is limited by material and finishing.