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Entry Requirements

1.For global manufacturers and designers, the products designed and developed by them are related to CMF design and CMF innovation in elements such as color, material, molding process, surface treatment, pattern texture, and five senses,with mass production feasibility, you can sign up.
2.Participating products should not be on the market for more than 3 years ( the product listing date cannot exceed the first 3 years of regular registration time)
3.Unlimited number of products that each participant can register
4.Submission information: PPT (application form, design instructions) + single picture for promotion
a.Application Form

  • Fill in the real information as required in the form
  • Chinese and English bilingual
  • File name: CMF-Company Name-Product Name

b.Description of design

  • Content: Bilingual display of the colors, materials and processes used in Chinese and English, explaining the innovation and application of the CMF design of the product
  • Typesetting: picture + text description
  • Accuracy: 300DPI
  • Name: CMF-Company Name-Product Name (1/2/3)

c.Leaflet for promotion

  • Content: A representative product or sample display for external website promotion
  • Format: JPG, PNG format, picture with white background or no background
  • Size: 400 * 400mm, just square
  • Accuracy: 300DPI

Organizing Committee Working Group

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Address:  3rd Floor, 1st Building, Zhongliang Business Park, Xin'an Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China