Award-winning Rights & Interests

The award is a fantastic start. Award Committee provides the winners with a follow-up service that maximizes publicity and promotes the award-winning design to be the focus of all circles. 

Online Display

The winning works will be displayed online via the official website of CMF Design Award. 

Trademark Authorization

The winning works are authorized to use the uniform trademark of the CMF Design Award. 

Awards Ceremony

The winning team or individuals will be invited to participate the International CMF Design Award Ceremony. 

Product Exhibition

The awarded works will be exhibited at the International CMF Design Conference.

Subsequent Application Preferential Policy

The award-winning team or individuals will gain a certain preferential treatment in next session of award application. 

Media Services

After winning the CMF Design Award, the work will gain more media exposure and attract more media attention. CMF Design Award Committee will leverage the cooperation medias to provide winning work with more media exposure and attentions.