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CMF Gold Award | Pushing the decorative film to a more realistic experience·Leinolit

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Exclusive interview of winning work:CITIKING GROUP Co., Ltd. -3d thermoplastic Furniture finishes


Applicant: Shen Xiaolian

Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD : First of all, congratulations to CITIKING GROUP Co., Ltd. -3d thermoplastic Furniture finishes for winning the 2020 CMF DESIGN AWARD. Supreme Gold Award (finishing), and share the story behind the works with us and introduce the winning product.

CITIKING GROUP: "A good surface design should be indistinguishable from the design prototype."


This sentence comes from Mr. Stefan Zimmermann, the head of Renault Bochum Design Center. He said: A good surface design must be natural and harmonious, and should not look like a photo; it must be technically achievable, Because if it cannot be completely presented by large-scale production equipment through printing technology, no matter how beautiful the pattern is, it is useless.

This point of view also indicates the direction and goal of Renault's CMF design work. This time, HALIFAX OAK, which represented Renault's 3D series of indoor surface decorative films, is an oak color almost exactly the same as the design prototype.

Thanks to the use of 3D vacuum blister film simultaneous printing technology (EIR) researched and conquered by Renault, the printing texture and tactile texture of HALIFAX OAK achieve almost the same synchronization effect, making natural scars, cracks and years. The natural features of oak such as wheels are vividly displayed.

EIR simultaneous printing technology

In the field of finishes, synchronous printing technology is not a new technology. However, it is necessary to control the printing and texture synchronization during the manufacturing process of the 3D vacuum blister film (the raw material is PVC or PET) that is easily softened by heat and has ductility. Under the previous technical conditions, it was a very arduous challenge. After more than two years of modification and countless attempts on equipment, plate rollers, external monitors and other methods, Renault finally succeeded in applying EIR synchronous printing technology to 3D vacuum blister film products, making 3D The vacuum blister film presents a vivid and exquisite effect of visual texture and tactile texture.

The successful breakthrough of 3D vacuum blister film EIR synchronous printing technology has made Renault become an outstanding brand of decorative film that realizes synchronous printing technology on PP, PVC and PET film products. And because of this, the surface decorative film industry has entered the era of "full lifelikeness", bringing a more natural and comfortable sensory experience to the film-coated products.

RENOLIT Head of |Interior Surface Decorative Film Division| Mr. Thomas Tossmann said with confidence: "The product style using EIR simultaneous printing technology is very in line with the current aesthetic trend of advocating nature. Our innovation can meet the surface decoration needs of all spaces, not only kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, but also have a wide range of applications on floors, RVs, office spaces and commercial spaces, which will bring a revolution to the global surface decoration materials market."

3D vacuum blister finishing

"You can post up to 5 facades at a time." When Ms. Xiaolian Shen, brand director of Deutsche Silicon Lenolite, explained this sentence at the awards ceremony, the judges and teachers present and CMF industry insiders couldn't help being amazed! This is a visual description of the 3D vacuum blister finishing. Household product manufacturers can use this finishing to eliminate the panel edge sealing process, save materials, and ensure the sealing of the board, effectively avoiding the penetration of steam and liquid into the board.

The excellent ductility of RENOLIT 3D vacuum blister film can achieve seamless three-dimensional modeling of convex or grooved surface of the sheet, presenting complex 3D curved surfaces, and designers can realize unconstrained creative designs.

2020 Design Shanghai Exhibition RENOLIT 3D vacuum blister works

RENOLIT Indoor Surface Decorative Film|3D Series

RENOLIT 3D Series is one of the eight divisions of the German Renolit Group | Interior Surface Decoration Film Division | One of the most important product series. Products include RENOLIT ALKOREN, RENOLIT COVAREN, RENOLIT ECOREN and RENOLIT 3D PET, with a large number of surface patterns and embossed textures, as well as full-color high-gloss and metallic monochrome decorative films.


The RAL quality standard of the German Quality Management Committee represents the highest quality of all production processes. The newly formulated 3D blister furniture finish standard (RAL-GZ 434) has established a new standard for surface materials used in kitchen and bathroom furniture. RAL-GZ 434 has the most stringent requirements in the following aspects:

  • Heat resistance

  • Durability

  • Moisture resistance and weather resistance

  • Waterproof steam

To obtain RAL quality certification, the most stringent and demanding standards must be met. Products must be tested in accordance with specific methods and must be completed under third-party supervision. All test results will be recorded for traceability.

  • The full name of RAL in German is "Reichs-Ausschussfur Lieferbedingungen". It is an organization established by the German government and manufacturing sector to control quality in accordance with certain quality management testing standards.

Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARDCan you tell us about your company's CMF department? For example: Approximately when was it established? Group background? Attention? Main work etc.

CITIKING GROUP: CMF design is the core part of Renault's product research and development work, and it is also one of the key pillars of Renault's success. The goal of RENOLIT CMF design is to provide customers with forward-looking surface designs and products, give them greater design freedom, continue to explore new technologies and find new materials, conduct interdisciplinary research and innovation, and inspire new thoughts.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that, in order to help its products and customers keep up with the rapid development of the field of fashion and interior design, RENOLIT created the "color tour" trend service in 2008, and has close cooperation with many internationally renowned color research institutions. The cooperation continues the tradition of predicting color trends every year, and launching the right color at the right time has a huge impact on consumers' purchasing decisions.

RENOLIT-An internationally renowned brand of high-quality decorative film

RENOLIT was founded in Worms, Germany in 1946. For more than 70 years, it has been committed to replacing traditional materials with high-performance plastic films. From the beginning of the establishment to the present, the application areas of the products have been continuously expanding. Today, our products are used in many industries all over the world. If you observe your daily life carefully, you will find that Renolit is appearing around you in different forms. Our high-performance films are used on the surfaces of furniture panels and window profiles. They are also used to seal roofs and underground structures and to waterproof swimming pools. Office supplies, self-adhesive print ads and labels also use RENOLIT film as the basic material. In addition, we also produce films and hoses used in the medical industry, as well as recyclable panels and composite materials used in construction and automotive interiors. These are just some examples. Our mission is to provide solutions for customers' products with innovative, high-quality and sustainable plastic products, thereby improving the quality of life for more people. Our vision is to play a leading role in design, function, technology and innovation.

Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD: How do you pay attention to the CMF DESIGN AWARD? What's your intention of participating in CMF DESIGN AWARD?

CITIKING GROUPThe CMF DESIGN AWARD is a professional CMF award that has professional influence and is well recognized by the industry. Most of the companies that apply for the competition and awards have a complete CMF design team and advanced design and research capabilities. We hope to get acquainted with more high-level CMF professional partners through participation, and we also hope to use the influence of the CMF DESIGN AWARD to present our wonderful works to more companies and individuals in need.


Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD  Your message to CMF DESIGN AWARD.      

CITIKING GROUP: Looking forward to seeing more wonderful works at the CMF DESIGN AWARD next year!

Wonderful review of some scenes:

The 2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD are being collectedand manufacturers and designers from all over the world are welcome to register. CMF DESIGN AWARD 2021 registration application form[click to download]after completing the application form, send the entry to this mailbox: award@cmfdesign.net.




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Evaluation of previous winners:


The CMF Design Award was introduced and launched for the first time to the audience and gives a special honour to the sensorial and aesthetic design of products.

CMF is until now an underrated and sometimes marginally treated component of good design. But facing the overcrowded and fast changing market full of hundreds of brands and products, the visual and haptic design is more important than before.



2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD is being solicited
Details are as follows:



is the first global special award dedicating to CMF (color, material, finishing, pattern), which aims to promote people's awareness of CMF design, to improve people's recognition and attention to CMF design, and to think commonly about the innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value of CMF design.

For designers, the CMF DESIGN AWARD is an upgrade of professional level and career; for enterprises, the  CMF DESIGN AWARD is a proof of quality and R & D strength, and a guarantee of design quality recognized by the media.

CMF DESIGN AWARD is evaluated by the judges of the world's famous experts from design, industry and research institutions. It will be a design feast, a unique marketing tool, and have more value to be explored by the participants.


The products, designed and developed by global manufacturers and designers in the color, materials, molding process, surface treatment, pattern texture, five senses and other elements related to CMF design,CMF innovation, mass-producible and achievability, can be registered. 

The marketing time of the participated products cannot exceed 3 years (Which means the regular registration date couldn’t exceed 3 years since the product launch date). The number of products that registered by each participant/enterprise is not limited.

Scope of Participation

Products (Auto Makers):

automobile, home appliances, home furnishings, mobile / consumer electronics, clothing, packaging, cosmetics, shoes, hats, bags, medical devices, robots, intelligent hardware, aircraft, ships, trains & high-speed rail, jewelry, toys, gifts, traditional crafts, lighting, textiles, baby products, sports / outdoor products, game hardware / virtual reality technology products、building / interior space, etc.

Samples (suppliers): 

materials, processes, equipment, technology, raw materials, consumables, color tools (color cards, color instruments, color equipment), etc. Materials such as: plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, rubber (elastomer), membrane material (membrane), chemical industry (coating, ink, dye,), textile (fabric,), leather (natural, artificial leather), plate (color board, household board, composite board, aluminum plastic board, fireproof board, ceiling board, etc.), paper (decorative paper), consumables (powder, liquid, wheel) , composite materials.

Evaluation Criteria

A panel of distinguished experts from design, industry and research institutes around the world will review each participation works fairly and rigorously.


Whether there is innovation in CMF design; Whether there is promotion, innovation extension and transformation of single element or multi-element of CMF in the application of existing products, similar products in existing industries or cross-industry products; The innovations of elements of vision, touch, taste, hearing, and smell, etc.


Whether there is a pleasing sensibility in CMF design presentations. 


Whether CMF design can meet the requirements of testing, operation, use, performance, safety and maintenance of the product. 


Whether CMF design can be achieved and implemented by modern technology, material technology, engineering technology, production cost, batch quality, industrial chain. 


Whether the material selection, manufacturing process and energy consumption of the product are controlled in an appropriate ratio. Compared with the similar products, whether the products own more environmentally friendly value, whether the handling and recycling of the product is considered to be improved. 


Besides the practical use of the product, if the CMF design of the product can provide emotional, psychological feelings and experiences.

Award Establishment

Not only the excellent products and creativity of the terminal brand are commended, but also the contribution of the excellent suppliers to the industrial development.

Award Winning Service

The award is a fantastic start. Award Committee provides the winners with a follow-up service that maximizes publicity and promotes the award-winning design to be the focus of all circles. 

1.Online Display——The winning works will be displayed online via the official website of CMF DESIGN AWARD. 

2.Trademark Authorization——The winning works are authorized to use the uniform trademark of the CMF DESIGN AWARD. 

3.Awards Ceremony——The winning team or individuals will be invited to participate the CMF DESIGN AWARD Ceremony. 

4.Product Exhibition——The awarded works will be exhibited at the International CMF Design Conference.

5.Subsequent Application Preferential Policy——The award-winning team or individuals will gain a certain preferential treatment in next session of award application. 

6.Media Services——After winning the CMF DESIGN AWARD, the work will gain more media exposure and attract more media attention. CMF DESIGN AWARD Committee will leverage the cooperation medias to provide winning work with more media exposure and attentions.

List of important dates in 2021


Important issues

January 1, 2021

Start registration

August 31, 2021

Deadline of Preferential registration

September 30, 2021

Deadline of general registration

October 08, 2021

Works will be publicized on the official website and WeChat Subscription online media.

October 09-14, 2021

Preliminary evaluation meeting, selection and release of works in and out of the enclosure

Before October 22, 2021

Send the products to Participate in physical evaluation

October 23-29, 2021

The final evaluation meeting will select winning works

October 30, 2021

Award notice

November-December 2021

Award ceremony, award works exhibition, media report

Winning Results

The Organizing Committee of the CMF DESIGN AWARD will contact the selected enterprises / individuals according to the preliminary evaluation results of the judges, and the candidates will send the prototype to the undertaker (if the size of the prototype is too large, the components / functional models that accurately reflect the CMF design of the product can be submitted), and the judges will conduct the on-site final evaluation.

With the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, the Organizing Committee of the CMF DESIGN AWARD will publish the competition schedule and final award results in the official website, official platform and relevant communication platform.

Previous Awards:

You can login the official website of the Award:http://www.cmfdesignaward.com

ORGANIZATION (ranking in no order)


Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD


Organizing Committee of international CMF Design Conference
CMF Design Organizations
Shenzhen Samy Design Research Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Design Week


Guanghua Design Foundation
World Green Design Organization


Shenzhen Samy Design Research Co., Ltd.
CMF Design Organizations


Guangdong Industrial Design Association
Shenzhen Design Federation
Guangdong Industrial Design Innovation Service Union
Guangzhou Industrial Design Promotion Association
Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University
Wuhan University
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts
School of Art and Design of Wuhan University of Technology,
School of Design of Jiangnan University
School of Industrial Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
Research Center of Color Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology
Chengdu University College Of Chinese & Asean Arts 
Kapok Design Award China
Swedish NCS Natural Color
Germany RAL Color
WGSN China
Science and Technology Commission for ACMT Materials
PIMA-CN China Powder Injection Molding Union

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If you have any questions about registration, please contact:



Mobile: 185 6572 5894 (the same as wechat)

Email: award@cmfdesign.net

Note: the organizing committee has the right of final interpretation and judgment for this activity. If there is any dispute over works, you can call the organizing committee to report it, and provide corresponding evidence as evidence (such as relevant documents of plagiarized works). Once verified, the qualification, certificate and trophy of the winner will be cancelled.