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CMF DESIGN AWARD - CMF Awards in the Product and Sample categories, previous winners

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CMF DESIGN AWARD is the first global special award dedicating to CMF (color, material, finishing, pattern), which aims to promote people's awareness of CMF design, to improve people's recognition and attention to CMF design, and to think commonly about the innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value of CMF design.

SAIC Volkswagen, BAIC, FAW, GAC, Geely, IFLYTEK, realme, Anker, Boshi, Skyworth, Konka, TCL, Midea, SUPOR, Hisense, Huadi, Yitian, Henglin Home, Resideo, TZZ, Longyi, Lianbao and other companies won the International CMF Design Award. CMF Design Award in the product category and CMF Award in the sample category (previous years), products covering: automotive, 3C, home appliances, household, materials, crafts and other fields.

CMF DESIGN AWARD. CMF Design Award in the Product category and CMF Award in the Sample category

A selection of previous winners and judges' comments

Product category

2020CMF Design Award


Multi-material, multi-process combined application is adopted. It breaks through the impression of the projector and is very personal.

2020CMF Design Award

Beijing Automotive Technology Center Co.,Ltd-ARCFOX-αT

This product embodies the exploration of CMF design for mid-to-high-end models, with highlights including interior color separation design and smart surface.

2020CMF Design Award

Shanghai Geely Zhairan Automobile Design Co., Ltd.-GEELY_ICON

It adopts an antibacterial and environmentally friendly steering wheel and a layered two-color interior.

2020CMF Design Award


Using Openpore finishing, matt 3D laser engraving chrome plating, IMD table top. Created the atmosphere of a luxurious C-class car.

2020CMF Design Award

realme-realme X50 Pro 5G

This phone uses AG+ low-saturation colors to follow the trend and create a double CMF experience of vision and touch.

2020CMF Design Award

Vatti Corporation-Dry antibacterial dishwasher JWD8-V7

It adopts integrated seamless welded stainless steel liner and antibacterial material. Challenge the production process of the inner tank: 4 special machines, 7 sets of fixtures, and 5 secondary finishing.

2020CMF Design Award

Qingdao Hisense Electronic Technology Service Co., Ltd-V3F series TV by VIDAA brand

The "cardamom green" color is applied in the "large area" and "bold" in the black electricity. The highlight is the non-spraying and colored injection molding front sound net cover.

2020CMF Design Award

Zhejiang Entive Smart Kitchen Appliance Co., Ltd.-4 In 1 Integrated Cooker, Steam Integrated Cooker,  Integrated Sink, dishwasher Integrated Sink

The products are treated with oil sand glass and integrated high-quality steel. It is the exploration of the application of kitchen appliances in Caijing glass.

2020CMF Design Award

Guangdong Midea Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.-Midea Art Air airconditioner

The mirror-surface highlighting UV ink is used on a large area in the panel to create the metal integrated texture of high-quality cabinet air conditioners.

2020CMF Design Award

Shenzhen Konka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.-A5 Series TV

It is a fashionable TV CMF design product with gradient speaker net and fashionable crystal, which injects new elements into the TV.

2020CMF Design Award

Henglin Home Furnishings-Healer

This is a CMF design technique imitating the car seat.

2020CMF Design Award

Anker Innovations-Anker 1231 Mobile power supply

The use of multi-color mixed woven woven fabric, breaking the inherent image of mobile power, is a kind of life-oriented concept practice.

2020CMF Design Award

Shenzhen Orange Digital Technology Co.,Ltd-OBE V9 Smart Projector

This product is an exquisite application of aluminum alloy materials.

2020CMF Design Award


This is a Cuban-style CMF design that uses bold color applications on small products.

2020CMF Design Award

Zhejiang Hezhong New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd.-Nezha V

Using cross-level three-dimensional INS finishing, imitation electroplating spray paint, red embellishment is its highlight. Smart, stylish and cost-effective.


rceAlik A.S.-Arçelik Diamond Carbon Fiber Refrigerator

When we stare at a diamond, the brilliance of its unique geometric cut makes the world irresistible. The Arçelik Diamond refrigerator with the abstract geometric language and technical symbol of diamond also makes us irresistible. The Arçelik Diamond Carbon Fiber Refrigerator design uses carbon fiber materials based on traditional white electricity. Created a unique geometric, advanced technology and human nature fusion products. The goal is unique, durable and warm. The solid wood carved door handles and touch-resistant fingerprint display bring elegance and comfort to create your own kitchen.


GD Midea Consumer Electric MFG. Co.,Ltd.-“BayMax" Series

The "BayMax" series is a major breakthrough for low-cost plastic innovation. The industry uses the laser engraving process for the first time to engrave the function menu directly on the fuselage with clear text. The plastic parts are partially thinned and the wall is thick and transparent. The parts that come into contact with the hand are made of mild pebbles, which are round and full, full of affinity, and heal the inner world of people, make the world warm and touching.


Shanghai Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.-TOKIT Smart IH Rice Cooker

TOKIT Smart IH Rice Cooker adopts the manufacturing standards and experience,and it products to upgrade traditional kitchen appliances to a new level. It can be connected to an intelligent mobile device to extend its 8-state precise control of cooking time and firepower output from the IH heating system. It can not only cook rice better, but also be capable of cooking methods such as stewing, boiling and braising. Users only need to follow the full video cooking steps provided by the App, add ingredients and press the start button. The original intention of the design of TOKIT Smart IH Rice Cooker is to lower the threshold of cooking through the assistance of intelligent technology, so that people can easily enjoy the fun of cooking.



Kingclean Electric Co., Ltd-F6  Hair Dryer


Shenzhen Konka Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.-G1 Intelligent Speakers

1. The overall shape G1 is an AI intelligent voice speaker. Through advanced anti-interference algorithm, it can respond sensitively within five meters and interact with users. The size of the entire speaker is 220mm × φ105mm. The whole is like a triangular rugby shape. The side is designed with a curved surface. The three sides are made of linen. The high-grade gray cloth mesh has a certain distance between the cloth mesh bracket and the main body, creating a sense of suspension.

2. The performance speaker has two 2.5-inch unit full-range speakers, built-in NdFeB magnetic field system. The unique acoustic structure and balanced acoustic waves at all angles allow users to enjoy a luxurious cinema-level audiovisual experience without leaving the house.



The design of Supor Lightweight T6 Vacuum Cleaner adopts a minimalist design concept, ingeniously scrutinizing every design detail: 1. The grip of the handheld main unit adopts the design structure of the firearm, which is easy and effortless. 2. The dust cup adopts the mirror reflection effect of vacuum plating process to block the internal dust. 3. Ring-drawing effect increases decorativeness. 4. The design on the right side without blowing the wind is more intimate. 5. Anodized metal tube is lighter. 6. Lightly brush and use smart sensor lights to design and use smarter.


BSH Home Appliances (China) Co., Ltd.-Bosch Ceramic Series Cast Iron Grey WashDryer

The color design of the product is inspired by the beauty of minerals and rocks. The designer discovered and created unique beauty in the natural colors, forms and textures of rocks and minerals.

Throughout the design process, designers are constantly exploring the possibilities offered by the expression and combination of various materials to make the product tough and streamlined design, with different texture materials, harmonious and unified colors and patterns. The visual rhythm of birth is perfectly presented, elegant and distinctive.



ROIDMI-Portable Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Resideo-Honeywell Home Smart Home Security Pro

The smart home professional security system is an extensible system controlled by an application App, with the camera base station as the core. The professional version of the product has a professional monitoring system, LTE wireless connection, and an improved alarm system. Users can enter and exit with confidence, and easily turn on the security system through face recognition, geolocation, and voice control. The system can also imitate various sounds of people or pets, and use this to reject illegal intruders monitored by motion recognition. In daily use, it can play music as a high-quality speaker, use Amazon Alexa, and voice control. In terms of styling and materials, the fabric texture and metal rings reflect the rich home style. Two optional fabric colors, dark gray and light gray, can be perfectly integrated into different home furnishings and styles.




TERAMONT X is the world's first Coupe SUV of Volkswagen brand, positioning the flagship luxury sports SUV. The shape is derived from TERAMONT, but it is unique. Color design and modeling language coexist in harmony. Dynamic appearance: the collision and fusion of hard-core spirit and elegant charm. Shuxiang cockpit: noble and excellent materials, fashionable and dynamic decoration, and humanized intelligent control panel, create a quiet and private space for users.TERAMONT X interprets the strong temperament between the dynamics and the statics, showing the smart sense in the subtleties.



Beijing Automotive Technology Center-BJEV-EU5

Passion Red uses a colored varnish process to make the exterior body color ambilight, reflecting youth and passion. The interior of the full LED headlights is blackened to form a sense of hierarchy, and the blue embellishment reflects the pedigree of electric vehicles. Silver chrome trim strips extend the body width visually. The interior of the Nordic home style with natural tones is stylish and warm, and the warm gray blended fabric with light beige leather reflects comfort and environmental protection. The wood grain of the instrument panel is derived from rosewood mahogany, with chrome-plated vents and piano-painted panels to enhance the overall texture. The upper IP texture is derived from water ripples, and the flowing lines reflect the fashion rhythm.

Taking the energy of new energy technology as the soul, and the simple and stylish design as the backbone, the overall color and material of the EU5 and the styling design are fashionable and exquisite, and are popular among young people.




CHANGAN OSHAN X7 has opened a precedent for a new generation of independent SUVs with a brand-new research and development language, forward-looking AI smart technology and leading "generational" advantages at the same level.

CHANGAN OSHAN X7 fully respects and satisfies the user's pursuit of the appearance of the vehicle. The designer takes nature, is good at sculpting, shows his attitude, creates a beautiful design style, and gives CHANGAN OSHAN X7 a bionic natural beauty appearance; the sky Mirror super wide-angle looking around the sky, you can look up at the whole starry sky while sitting in the car, the interior adopts the "new luxury, beauty of the avenue" aesthetics, all-round soft package care, high-quality decorative design, bringing popular first-class seats enjoy space.


MIDEA Residential Air Conditioner-COLMO TURING

COLMO turing series AI air conditioner has deep learning and humanized interactive system to realize AI micro-climate adjustment; new Bauhaus style, minimalist design, original ecological brushing effect, while bringing cold metal texture and soft velvet experience; surface treatment finishing process use large-area 5D laser engraving + UV transfer texture, CNC carved high-gloss edge, precise and exquisite; We get inspiration from the top materials, using the mineral color-zircon blue, which reflects the sense of high-end technology and gives the product a mysterious universe sense.




This STARLIGHT exterior color adopts top-level CMW light-variable paint, which makes the difficulty of mass production double. This color requires high-quality substrates, fine polishing, no heavy metals in the paint, safe and environmentally friendly, with strong color-changing characteristics and 3D dynamic visual effects. The product has a unique color change. This car currently has two colors. It has a nice color name: Dream Jiuyue Blue, Aurora Glass Green. These two colors will exude a brilliant light at every angle. Bold innovation, courageous progress, combining technology and fashion. Take the lead in the industry.



Anker Innovations-Anker sound core liberty 2 pro

Anker sound core liberty 2 pro combines dot spraying with fluff powder, repeated touch and experience, repeated scrutiny and verification, in order to make this "natural pebble" rich in attributes and aura from nature. Liberty 2 Pro's CMF design inspiration is also derived from this. CMF designers through the numerous adjustments to the surface spraying finishing process, the best balance between the external relationship between tactile and visual, once again effectively explained the original intention of product design.

2018CMF Design Award

Shenzhen Skyworth-RGB Electronics Co., Ltd.-Super TV System Surround Sound

  The use of gradient color cloth mesh breaks the fatigue of the previous monochrome speaker cloth mesh. Gradient color is also a popular fashion element, giving the speaker a mysterious color, highlighting the uniqueness and elegance of the entire product. The cloth mesh can also be changed in color to match different furniture styles.

2018CMF Design Award

Refrigerator-Hisense "God of Cookery" Series French Four-door Refrigerator-Linglong Glaze

The industry's first super-texture and exquisite glaze panel design, using micron-level three-dimensional engraving technology and subtle drawing texture, became the first and only brand to use frosted glass panels, creating a differentiated CMF design for French four-door refrigerators. For the interior of the refrigerator, the metal uniform cold air duct on the back + micro-hole air supply is used to achieve the perfect combination of function and appearance. The imitation metal brushed handle optimizes the cost and enhances the overall CMF texture.

2018CMF Design Award

TV-TCL-A100H floating window full scene TV-2

  The matte metal tube of ivory gold is slender and sturdy. The screen and the speakers on both sides are connected as a whole because of the connection of the metal tube. In addition to its decorative effect, the inside of the round tube can also be used as a wiring channel to ensure that the vision is not disturbed during viewing, and to add artistic color to the home in an elegant and concise way.

2018CMF Design Award

Kingclean Electric Co., Ltd-Magic M85PLUS

  The color part of the product is purple, giving the product a sense of mysterious technology. On the basis of pearl purple, crystal diamond pearl powder is added, and the whole effect presents a three-dimensional visual sense under normal light source, and presents a bright starry sky special effect under the spotlight. The carbon fiber pattern engraving on the mold makes the details of the product more abundant. CD pattern patch is used on the side of the fuselage. The entire body of the product is designed and manufactured without spraying, which promotes green and environmental protection.



2018CMF Design Award

Guangzhou Bujuetang-Mu Li Private Cup

  Mu Li private cup is the first cup made of glass, wood, and silver on the market. The purpose is to establish a healthy way of drinking. The design is designed to collect the Compendium of Materia Medica and use the method of silver clean drinking. Through innovative thinking, the silver object is turned into condensed fish and absorbed in the glass; allowing users to enjoy healthy drinks while watching the fish swimming in the cup. pleasure. Through the structure of the magnet, the silver ornamented fish is adsorbed to the bottom of the cup and can be removed freely for cleaning, thus eliminating the safety problems caused by chemical bonding.

2018CMF Design Award

SAIC Volkswagen's new Lavida

  The industry's first gradient bright black brushed IMD trim has no precedent for reference. The gradual change of the highlight black to the drawing position needs to be positioned in the part design. The gradation position has been repeatedly verified, and the best form of the final 45-degree gradient has been found.

2018CMF Design Award

Beijing Automotive B40L-PLUS

  The off-road family, the spirit continues. Increase the ratio of the front and rear bumpers and wheel pack body color areas, enhance the fashion sense of the whole car, and give people another choice. The city is suitable for off-road purposes. In the appearance design, the thick structure that is full of splicing and nesting has a rare and original mechanical beauty. The interior adopts a large area of soft materials for comfort and exquisiteness, ending the rigid and pure sense of the old model, adding a bit of comfort of furniture.

2018CMF Design Award


  T-Roc breaks the shackles of traditional modeling, adopts the design concept of "style aesthetics", and adopts a large number of color matching designs such as two-color body and two-color wheels, and the application of orange, yellow, red, blue and other colors is also Very bold, very in line with the aesthetic taste of young people in the new era. There are a wide variety of exterior paints, with a total of 8 colors to choose from, which can meet the needs of consumers with different personalities. The seat on the interior is made of Italian Alcantara microfiber material, and the three-striped pressure treatment is Alcantara, reflecting the fine details. Nappa leather steering wheel with heating function, keyless entry and one-button start chrome button.

2018CMF Design Award

Sike innovation (Shenzhen) Technology Co.,Ltd.-MYSF Pure magnesium alloy

The first bag in the bag is made of pure magnesium alloy material, which has the characteristics of sturdiness and ultra-clearness. The overall weight of the box is 3 kg. The material has high strength. After the impact, the surface of the box body is not easy to be deformed, and it is assembled with extraordinary craftsmanship and precision, and it is durable. Customize gloves with different patterns to increase recognition and show individuality. Provide users with a better experience. 

2018CMF Design Award


  For the first time in China, liquid pearlescent was used in the body design. In a strong stage light environment, the silky and flowing liquid pearlescent presents a sense of sci-fi weightless suspension. In order to seamlessly connect young people's life scenes, sports equipment and running shoe materials are used to create a new experience. The seat surface is light and breathable using the 3D three-dimensional flying needle dense weaving process of the sports shoe surface. The door panel, using hollow rubber embedded with acrylic luminous texture, has both affinity and flexibility and a sense of high-performance sports equipment. The transparent texture on the acrylic is made by CNC technology, and the high-gloss texture on the matte surface is made by the laser carving process.


2018CMF Design Award

Refrigerator-Midea Refrigerator-1+1 Youthful Refrigerator

  The traditional refrigerator door (1) is divided into two parts (1+1), the function and appearance are completely separated. This structure is the first in the industry. The outer door shell and decorative frame can be freely disassembled and installed through buckles; the outer door shell and decorative frame adopt a variety of materials and processes to achieve various appearance effects. The outer door shell does not participate in harsh production links such as foaming, which reduces the scrap rate; the inner door body is not an exterior surface and can be made of recycled materials. The combination and collocation use solves the problem of scrapping that affects the whole body; the problem of production that cannot be less than one; the appearance is eternally unchanged, and the problem of replacing the new machine is changed. It effectively solves the pain points of consumers, separates the appearance and function and combines it ingeniously at the same time.


Sample category

2020CMF Award

Guangdong T&H New Material Co., Ltd.-Fossil wood

The decorative paper with a new color design combined with antibacterial function has antibacterial function.

2020CMF Award

Kuangda Technology Group Co.,Ltd.-NEON DESIGN WITH GOODWILL

The use of recycled environmentally friendly fiber materials, antibacterial and antiviral, fusion coloring of original liquid and nano-hybrid technology, is the visual flow color of textile materials to explore.

2020CMF Award

Shanghai langyi functional materials co., LTD. -AntibacMax® Safe and long-lasting antibacterial and anti-virus solutions

Broad-spectrum antibacterial and antivirus, a variety of application scenarios, can be matched with a variety of materials and finishing.

2020CMF Award

Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glasswork Co., Ltd-Velvet diamond glass

Following the CMF trend, the self-developed new craft of colored crystal glass, the diffuse reflection crystal diamond effect is its highlight.

2020CMF Award

SUZHOU TZZ TEXTURE TECH-Geely-ICON Whole interior and exterior laser 3D texture engraving + Integrating multiple CMF solutions

The highlight lies in the combined application of laser texture, soft-touch materials, and spray-free two-color injection molding to create high-end automotive interior quality.

2020CMF Award

TCL Air Conditioner (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd-TCL Air Conditioner Wind Talkers

Large-area imitation fabric-like mixed material injection molding is a bold breakthrough for the on-hook air conditioner CMF and integrated into the home.

2020CMF Award

TCL Air Conditioner (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd- TCL Air Conditioner Natural Speakers

The highlight is that a large number of wood grain designs are incorporated, which is full of home furnishing.

2020CMF Award

Whirlpool China Co., Ltd-Mini Refrigerator -PANDORA

The leather handle is a very fashionable product for exploring the application of various surface treatment finishing.

2020CMF Award

Dreame - T30  vacuum cleaner

Application of carbon fiber materials and finishing for superimposition (bright fog with the same body, AG surface, UV transfer, optical coating printing). Create the quality of a high-end handheld vacuum cleaner.

2020CMF Award

Huai' an Titan Valley Colorful New Material Co.,Ltd.-Pure Realm-Pure Titanium Cold Drink Cup

Using anodizing, vacuum high-temperature crystallization, shot peening and other processes, explore the effect and application of titanium materials.


Hefei LCFC Information Technology Co., Ltd-Ultra-thin and light Carbon fiber Cover

LCFC has always been thinking and exploring innovative product designs suitable for end-user experience, taking product innovation as the main axis, combining portable personal computers, smart devices, etc., to reduce the weight and thickness of materials, and at the same time have high strength, high requirements of mechanical properties such as stiffness; this lightweight high-strength carbon fiber composite material is undoubtedly the first choice; however, the use of carbon fiber composite materials in the field of notebook computer products has high process barriers, high cost investment, patent monopoly and other constraints. The application of this material in product design, LCFC has spent 4 years in the development of carbon fiber projects, has invested 3 sets of experimental molds, countless sets of fixtures, and tens of thousands of sample tests to meet the strict test standards of ThinkPand Although it has gone through twists and turns. It finally overcomes various difficulties and successfully achieves the successful mass production of LCFC's independent patent solution, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of LCFC and Lenovo in high-end products and greatly supports the development of the domestic carbon fiber industry.


Guangdong T&H New Material Co.Ltd.-Dark moon rust

Dark moon rust is inspired by iron rust. Iron rust is a natural state of the material itself, which not only conforms to the authenticity principle of modern art expression, but also highlights its unique industrial aesthetic and cultural memory functions. The rusty mottled surface contains the vicissitudes of history and the traces left by the weathering of the years. It makes an uncapable concept such as "time" produce a highly visual expression. Excellent color brightness and saturation, under the background of garden greenery, can better show the visual impact of its ability to restore reality. In addition, the rough surface caused by steel plate corrosion can make its structures more volume and quality.


Beijing Automotive Technology Center-ARCFOX-GT

Exterior paint design concept:
Ice ash: Inspired by polar ice and snow, cold tone, exquisiteness and energy sense; the car paint uses tinted electroplating silver technology, and the combination of color and texture highlights the characteristics of the body and brand image.
Glacier Blue: Melting glaciers present a transparent, pure and energetic blue-green color; using a double-layer color paint finishing process, the bottom layer is gold-green, and the surface layer is blue. By controlling the density of the two layers of color to achieve a yellowish green to clear blue effect, the strong color transition highlights the sense of power.
Interior colors: Inspired by black sand beaches and glacial blue cracks due to volcanic eruptions.

Currently, the 2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD is in the process of soliciting works, 

and the general registration deadline is September 30. Please pay attention to the corresponding deadlines for OEMs, manufacturers, suppliers, and designers, and complete the declaration matters before the deadline.

For more details, please check the following link:

2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD. Call for Character Award

2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD. Guidelines for Participation Application | Organizing Committee

2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD. Application Commentary | Organizing Committee

2020 CMF DESIGN AWARD·Appreciation of winning works

2019 CMF DESIGN AWARD·Appreciation of winning works

2018 CMF DESIGN AWARD·Awarded Product Display

2017 CMF DESIGN AWARD·Review of winning works

Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD

September 2021

2021 CMF DESIGN AWARD is being solicited
Details are as follows:



is the first global special award dedicating to CMF (color, material, finishing, pattern), which aims to promote people's awareness of CMF design, to improve people's recognition and attention to CMF design, and to think commonly about the innovative value, social value, humanistic value and commercial value of CMF design.

For designers, the CMF DESIGN AWARD is an upgrade of professional level and career; for enterprises, the  CMF DESIGN AWARD is a proof of quality and R & D strength, and a guarantee of design quality recognized by the media.

CMF DESIGN AWARD is evaluated by the judges of the world's famous experts from design, industry and research institutions. It will be a design feast, a unique marketing tool, and have more value to be explored by the participants.


The products, designed and developed by global OEMs, manufacturers, suppliers, designers in the color, materials, molding process, surface treatment, pattern texture, five senses and other elements related to CMF design,CMF innovation, mass-producible and achievability, can be registered. 

The marketing time of the participated products cannot exceed 3 years (Which means the regular registration date couldn’t exceed 3 years since the product launch date). The number of products that registered by each participant/enterprise is not limited.

Scope of Participation

Products (Auto Makers):

automobile, home appliances, home furnishings, mobile / consumer electronics, clothing, packaging, cosmetics, shoes, hats, bags, medical devices, robots, intelligent hardware, aircraft, ships, trains & high-speed rail, jewelry, toys, gifts, traditional crafts, lighting, textiles, baby products, sports / outdoor products, game hardware / virtual reality technology products、building / interior space, etc.

Samples (suppliers): 

materials, processes, equipment, technology, raw materials, consumables, color tools (color cards, color instruments, color equipment), etc. Materials such as: plastic, metal, ceramics, glass, rubber (elastomer), membrane material (membrane), chemical industry (coating, ink, dye,), textile (fabric,), leather (natural, artificial leather), plate (color board, household board, composite board, aluminum plastic board, fireproof board, ceiling board, etc.), paper (decorative paper), consumables (powder, liquid, wheel) , composite materials.

Evaluation Criteria

A panel of distinguished experts from design, industry and research institutes around the world will review each participation works fairly and rigorously.


Whether there is innovation in CMF design; Whether there is promotion, innovation extension and transformation of single element or multi-element of CMF in the application of existing products, similar products in existing industries or cross-industry products; The innovations of elements of vision, touch, taste, hearing, and smell, etc.


Whether there is a pleasing sensibility in CMF design presentations. 


Whether CMF design can meet the requirements of testing, operation, use, performance, safety and maintenance of the product. 


Whether CMF design can be achieved and implemented by modern technology, material technology, engineering technology, production cost, batch quality, industrial chain. 


Whether the material selection, manufacturing process and energy consumption of the product are controlled in an appropriate ratio. Compared with the similar products, whether the products own more environmentally friendly value, whether the handling and recycling of the product is considered to be improved. 


Besides the practical use of the product, if the CMF design of the product can provide emotional, psychological feelings and experiences.

Award Establishment

Not only the excellent products and creativity of the terminal brand are commended, but also the contribution of the excellent suppliers to the industrial development.

Award Winning Service

The award is a fantastic start. Award Committee provides the winners with a follow-up service that maximizes publicity and promotes the award-winning design to be the focus of all circles. 

1.Online Display——The winning works will be displayed online via the official website of CMF DESIGN AWARD. 

2.Trademark Authorization——The winning works are authorized to use the uniform trademark of the CMF DESIGN AWARD. 

3.Awards Ceremony——The winning team or individuals will be invited to participate the CMF DESIGN AWARD Ceremony. 

4.Product Exhibition——The awarded works will be exhibited at the International CMF Design Conference.

5.Subsequent Application Preferential Policy——The award-winning team or individuals will gain a certain preferential treatment in next session of award application. 

6.Media Services——After winning the CMF DESIGN AWARD, the work will gain more media exposure and attract more media attention. CMF DESIGN AWARD Committee will leverage the cooperation medias to provide winning work with more media exposure and attentions.

List of important dates in 2021


Important issues

January 1, 2021

Start registration

August 31, 2021

Deadline of Preferential registration

September 30, 2021

Deadline of general registration

October 08, 2021

Works will be publicized on the official website and WeChat Subscription online media.

October 09-14, 2021

Preliminary evaluation meeting, selection and release of works in and out of the enclosure

Before October 22, 2021

Send the products to Participate in physical evaluation

October 23-29, 2021

The final evaluation meeting will select winning works

October 30, 2021

Award notice

November-December 2021

Award ceremony, award works exhibition, media report

Winning Results

The Organizing Committee of the CMF DESIGN AWARD will contact the selected enterprises / individuals according to the preliminary evaluation results of the judges, and the candidates will send the prototype to the undertaker (if the size of the prototype is too large, the components / functional models that accurately reflect the CMF design of the product can be submitted), and the judges will conduct the on-site final evaluation.

With the principle of fairness, impartiality and openness, the Organizing Committee of the CMF DESIGN AWARD will publish the competition schedule and final award results in the official website, official platform and relevant communication platform.

Previous Awards:

You can login the official website of the Award:http://www.cmfdesignaward.com

ORGANIZATION (ranking in no order)


Organizing Committee of CMF DESIGN AWARD


Organizing Committee of international CMF Design Conference
CMF Design Organizations
Shenzhen Samy Design Research Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Design Week


Guanghua Design Foundation
World Green Design Organization


Shenzhen Samy Design Research Co., Ltd.
CMF Design Organizations


Guangdong Industrial Design Association
Shenzhen Design Federation
Guangdong Industrial Design Innovation Service Union
Guangzhou Industrial Design Promotion Association
Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University
Wuhan University
Huazhong University of Science and Technology
School of Industrial Design of Nanjing University of the Arts
School of Art and Design of Wuhan University of Technology,
School of Design of Jiangnan University
School of Industrial Design of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art
Research Center of Color Design of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
School of Design and Arts of Beijing Institute of Technology
Chengdu University College Of Chinese & Asean Arts 
Kapok Design Award China
Swedish NCS Natural Color
Germany RAL Color
WGSN China
Science and Technology Commission for ACMT Materials
PIMA-CN China Powder Injection Molding Union

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Information or entry

Please pay attention to:

【Official public platform of CMF DESIGN AWARD】

You can also add wechat of working group for manual consultation.

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To know

If you have any questions about registration, please contact:



Mobile: 185 6572 5894 (the same as wechat)

Email: award@cmfdesign.net

Note: the organizing committee has the right of final interpretation and judgment for this activity. If there is any dispute over works, you can call the organizing committee to report it, and provide corresponding evidence as evidence (such as relevant documents of plagiarized works). Once verified, the qualification, certificate and trophy of the winner will be cancelled.